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How's the planning??

Hi ladies! And gents. I haven't been around in forever but wanted to stop by to say hello! Any weddings happen or upcoming weddings from the brides that were around when I was??

Re: How's the planning??

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    I'm getting married in June and just started planning again as I had a death in the family the last couple days in December. :-( The BMs dresses will be arriving in a few months, booked our room at CP, ordered invitations and FI went with his guys for fixes and deposits have been made. :-). I'm looking for BM shoes and for myself as well as jewelry. We also need to order favors too. And most importantly need to book flights. How's married life?
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    Hi Sarah! So glad to see you're stopping by every so often to say hello! You were such an inspiration to me and my planning. We have a lot of the same ideas/tastes. I hope you'll continue to stop by, and don't forget about me come April! Hows married life in Minnesnowta?! :) Take care in the meantime.
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    Hey, Sara!!!  I hope you're enjoying married life :):)

    I only have 17 weeks to go, and I'm starting to kick things into high gear!  My invites are coming this week, getting rings fitted, wrote my vows... I'm trying to get as many things done now as I can. 
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    Glad to hear plans are chugging along! Diamond-sorry about your loss:( I can't wait to see all the pics from all you guys! Married life is good, same old really. Right now we are saving for a house, which we are looking to buy/close on in Oct. So I've been having fun looking up house decor items. My husband was like, I knew you'd find a new thing to be obsessed with, yep:)
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    Good to hear from you!
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