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I'm back!

After taking a much needed break from wedding planning since it was causing so much tension with FI and I, we are back to planning the wedding! Yay! There was just a lot of stress since we are not getting married locally and we were trying to make other people happy and it wasn't working. All the stress was making both of us unhappy and we started fighting alot. We talked things out and decided that we would not talk about the wedding for a month. We also came to the conclusion that it doesn't matter what any one else thinks. This important day is about us! 
Oh and also on a happy note FI got a job offer in a hospital! Yay! He is an RN and has had trouble finding a RN position in a hospital! Things are finally looking up! 
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Re: I'm back!

  • welcome back!  FI and I do the same thing, it's completely normal.  Congrats to FI for getting a job, especially in this economy.
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    Welcome back and congrats!  I think it's good for any couple to take a wedding planning break now and again.  It helps you refocus on the reason you're getting married :)  We actually had a non-wedding day yesterday, and it was nice :)

    I hope the rest goes smoothly for you!
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