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Make an entire day of it..

This isnt just the ceremony, it' the reception to. Here's my problem..

I have a wedding venue that I have dreamed of getting married at since I was pretty young. Now that I am finally getting married I am soooo excited my dream can come true! But the problem is that this venue is a little over 2 hours away from where we live. Also, I have always dreamed of a small wedding but with my fiances family that is impossible. We have agreed to 50 people for our wedding ceremony... 5 for me, 45 for him. (Yeah... 45 family members who would give me hell if they werent invited.) Well since my fiance is down for a small wedding, he would really like a large reception back in our town for the other 150 family member and friends of his that wont be at the wedding. (There is no reception area close to the venue)
So, I know to have a wedding then immediatly drive 2 hours back home for a reception would just be a stupid crazy hassel... what about having the ceremony in the morning and the reception at night? I am worried however about taking up some peoples entire day. I am trying to think of every way possible to have my dream wedding... I am not ready to give it up.
Has anybody else had this problem??? I have thought of a reception the following day... not having a reception at all... HELP!
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