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When to send out invites??

Hi Ladies,

I'm not sure when to send out my invites...I read somewhere 3 months before but I wasn't' sure if it's the same if you send a save the date. I am getting married on April 29th and we sent out our save the dates in Sept.  Is the beginning of Feb to early to send out invites? Also the RSVP's are normally requested back a month before the wedding(or is that to early)? When are/did you send out your invites?

Thanks for your help :)
Have a happy New Year everyone!!

Re: When to send out invites??

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    My wedding was April 24 and I sent invites the first week of February.  It might have been a little early by etiquette standards, but I wanted to get them out sooner because even with the STDs people needed a little reminder.

    Base your RSVP date on when your vendors need their info.  For example, I had to order centerpieces 3 weeks out so I needed to know how many tables to plan for, so I made our RSVP date one month out.  No matter when you make it be sure to allow plenty of time because you will be amazed at the number of people who just don't bother to respond at all.
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    I was planning to send mine out 3 months in advance with RSVPs back 1 month before the wedding date.  It's probably a little early but I want people thinking about flights earlier than later. 
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    My wedding is April 17 and I am going to send them out on February 15.  I figure that way most people will get them exactly 2 months before the wedding.  Most of my guests live either in Arizona (where the wedding is), Vegas (where we live) or CA, so not to far away.  I sent out STDs in August.
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    March 24 wedding
    January 5(ish) sending out invites
    February 12 RSVP requested

    This may be a little different since I was trying to avoid the Christmas mailings.
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    We're sending save the dates out 8 months prior, invites 3 months prior, and requesting RSVPs 3 weeks prior to our event (finalize menues, etc with the vendor 2 weeks prior).
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    Thanks for all your info it's very helpful.  Now I know I'm on the right track!
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    We are sending our invites out this week (our wedding is March 13).  We are asking for RSVP cards be returned by March 1, but our vendor only need to have final numbers 1 week before.  We will have a week to make calls to those who don't return the RSVP cards. 
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    Were doing it really early in case we have to track down some people who didn't RSVP and also to plan for linen rentals and centerpieces.

    Our wedding is April 18.
    Invites are being sent out the first week of February.
    RSVP by date is March 07, exactly 6 weeks before the big day.
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    Our STD's were sent out 9 months in advance...invitations I think we're going to send early March (our wedding is May 22), I requested RSVP's be in by May 1st. Our vendor needs a head count only 3 days before our event so I'm not worried.

    BUT, my FI and I had a fight with his parents on Christmas Eve (can u believe that!) over when we're sending invitations out. His parents think we're sending them out too late "because people need to make travel plans you know". We said "what do you think the STD's were for!?" They countered back that people don't know they're invited just by the STD? Hello do you really think we'd send out STD's to people we're not going to invite? The purpose of the STD is for them to Save the they can start making travel plans! The purpose of the invitation is to inform them of the details ie. ceremony/reception locations, what time, etc. soon as we get our invites printed/assembled I'm going to send some out to his dad's side of the family TO MAKE THEM HAPPY.


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    Why do people not understand a STD is essentially a prequel to the invitation? Don't they say, "save the date, blah blah, for blah blah, FORMAL INVITATION TO FOLLOW" on them??

    Back to topic:

    It's recommended to send them out 2-3 months ahead, but some guests need that extra kick to remind them to make their plans for travel. So I'd go with 3-4 months ahead with a reply date of 3-4 weeks ahead (dependent on which vendor needs info earlier).

    Having an earlier RSVP date also gives you time to get your programs, table cards and/or place cards printed, reception accessories  (napkins, matches, etc.) and other stuff you can't do until you have a head count.


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