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Why, oh why?

Why, oh why did I decide to post for advice on a Bridezilla I had dealt with on the Snarky Brides forum? I thought for some reason that it was all about sane brides helping one another deal with crazy ones but now I fully realize that a few of the girls there epitomize the term (or worse). It's good to be back with all of you sane brides!

Re: Why, oh why?

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    Well I was just reading your post (Yes...lot's of girls post on all of the boards...) That is def not the board if you are not prepared for total bluntness. I would say if you can just distance your self from the crazy chick and move on.
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    The snarky brides weren't there to witness what happened first hand and the way you told the story made you and the bridezilla sound kind of childish. You have to remember that people on a message board don't know the whole back story with feelings and what was done prior to the incident. To an objective reader the situation sounded kind of ridiculous.  It was a bad situation all around from what you said. It's not a bad board if you want unfiltered and honest advice. But it's not for everyone.
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    I agree that the situation is totally ridiculous but I don't regret my actions, except to have held out for this long for an apology or some kind of reconciliation.
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    i didn't think they were that harsh...i've seen much worse.  and the entire story was pretty ridiculous.  when you post on a board called "snarky brides" you have to expect brutally honest feedback.
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