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Reviews part 1 - Flight, Flamingo hotel, and transportation

Hi knotties & VG,

I can't believe it that I'm a married woman now. I wish that I still have wedding to plan. We got married on 02/21/2013 and that morning the tragic shooting happened in front of our hotel (The Flamingo). Our vendors were late but we still made it on time. It took longer to walk from one place to the next because of the detour but we got to take some great pictures on the closed strip. It shows us that doesn't matter how much you planned sometimes there's just a bump in the road and can happen at anytime. We are happy that everything turned out great.

Here's the first part of the reviews. I hope you guys will enjoy them :)

Flight reviews:

Southwest Airlines = B

I love Southwest and have been flying with them many times. However, this time they were not so enjoyable to fly with. On the flight going to Vegas, the flight attendant didn’t give us snacks. We got our drinks, but no snacks. He skipped about 4 or 5 rows. On the flight back, the flight was full. We sat three rows from the back and one of the flight attendants lady was not doing her job. She’s just chatting with two passengers behind us. She was loud. I was trying to catch a nap but couldn’t do it. Poor guy next to my husband, he kept waking up because of her laughter and shrieking.

Hotel reviews:

Flamingo Hotel & Casino = B+

The only problem with this hotel was the checked in process. We got there at 11 pm and didn’t get call to check in until 11:30 pm. We stood in line for half hour. Then, my mom’s room is not ready yet. We did the $20 tip trick (sandwiched between ID and credit card) to get upgrade for her room. They upgraded her from Fab luxury room to the GO room with fountain view. The problem was, she had to wait for 2 hours. Same with my sisters’ room. At that time, the bell hop desk was closed so they stored their luggage in our suite which is fine. We grabbed bite to eat and we came back their rooms were ready. It was about 2:30 am.

Our room number is 20001 at the Spa Tower. We got the view of the pool, flamingo habitat, The Quad, Harrah’s, The Linq ferris wheel, and Venetian. We love our room. It has 2 televisions in the living room. One didn’t work. One tv on the bathroom mirror. The cordless phone didn’t work (thank God for cell phones). We didn’t have privacy do not disturb sign and the coffee maker didn’t really work right. Besides that, the bed was so comfortable and the room was clean. It has a separate shower and a bath tub. We booked this hotel during cyber Monday and we only paid $100 per night. So the price is right and we will stay there again for that price.

Some of our friends and family got their Fab Luxury rooms at the Habitat tower. Even though they said it was remodeled, that wasn’t the case. The room is the old Flamingo room and the décor is still brown color not pink and white. When you go between Spa tower to Habitat tower, it’s kind of like two different hotels.

Ground Transportation:

Presidential Limousine: A++++

I booked three separate trips with Presidential Limo. The first one was a surprise for my husband & our family whom flew with us. It was an eight passengers limo. John was our driver. He was there at the baggage claim on time. We walked to the limo and he helped us load our too many suitcases in the trunk. There was chilled champagne waiting for us and everybody was so surprised with the limo. It was definitely the best way to start the trip. When we got to the Flamingo, we saw how he packed the trunk. Because there were too many suitcases the trunk won’t shut, so he had to use ropes to hold them in place. He didn’t want to make us worried so he didn’t tell us. He’s a really excellent driver and chauffeur.

Second trip using Presidential Limo was to the courthouse. We didn’t want to hassle with taxi or bus, so I arranged for the Lincoln sedan to pick us up. Our driver was Raffi. He’s a 6’4” tall guy with a deep voice and super funny. When we got to the courthouse, he even opened the door for us and walked us to the steps of the courthouse. He told us usually people who tried to sell marriage packages on the entrance won’t bug us if he’s there.

He dropped us off from the courthouse at the Monte Carlo. It was a fun ride because he told many stories and talked about his family.

Third trip was for the party bus. Originally we wanted to use the double decker bus but we canceled that thought because it’s during winter season. We were glad we didn’t do that because it was pretty chilly. The 20 passengers party bus was perfect. Our driver was Jeff and he was funny and polite as well. There were two bottles of chilled Champagne and bottle waters. We drove up to the Las Vegas sign so everybody could get their pictures taken there. Then we drove down the strip and stopped by in front of Pawn stars shop but it’s closed. Drove by the Fremont street and back to the strip. Everybody love the party bus.

The only thing that was a bummer, they only have radios in their limos. It was just weird to listen to commercials when it’s supposed to be a party atmosphere. Presidential Limo is a top notch company. Their drivers were excellent in customer service and I will use them again for my future Vegas trips.

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Re: Reviews part 1 - Flight, Flamingo hotel, and transportation

  • Great reviews, but you've made me nervous about our stay at the Flamingo!  Glad to hear you had a good time and congrats!  :)
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  • Icefog, which room did you book? Just make sure to get the Go room or the Go suite at the spa tower section. If you booked fab room, do the $20 trick :).
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  • I was really debating getting the party bus (hummer) with Presidental Limo, but now that you say they only play the radio that's a major bummer! Exactly like you said, who wants to hear commericals? I thought it was supposed to be a party with non-stop jams? Thanks for the review!
  • You should call and ask. Maybe the hummer has different sound system :).
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  • In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:91Discussion:dede790b-5bec-497c-808b-2af4f1a8e3dePost:3130fefc-3f45-4699-9d87-8528aef4fcc2">Re: Reviews part 1 - Flight, Flamingo hotel, and transportation</a>:
    [QUOTE]Icefog, which room did you book? Just make sure to get the Go room or the Go suite at the spa tower section. If you booked fab room, do the $20 trick :).
    Posted by eviliciouz[/QUOTE]
    I booked our reservation through Total Rewards with a block of rooms.  I would try the $20 trick but I also requested a connected room so my 2 young daughters can be next to me.  Not sure it would work!  :(  I was told by Dallas that we are in FAB rooms....Is that going to be bad????
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  • That's what my sisters booked and they ended up in the Habitat tower and got the old rooms. You should ask for an upgrade to the go room which is all remodeled. Our mini go suite has a connecting door to the room next door which we believed just a regular go room.
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  • I stayed at the Fab deluxe room and I loved it.. It was fully remolded and very clean.. So I guess it just depends on the room.. But good Luck... I love the flamingo!!
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