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Chapel that allows outside photographers

I thought I was okay with being stuck with the unknown photographers from Cashman, but I guess I'm really not.  FI and I are visiting Vegas in just a week to speak with the handful of chapels and vendors I have made appointments with.  So far I've really only looked into the main hotel chapels, but they all use the same studio which seems to be hit or miss -- and super expensive if you want the digital negatives!  Does anyone know a chapel that can accomodate roughly 100 people that allows an outside photographer?

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    I think several of the Caesars-owned resorts allow it for a fee, so that means you'd want to check the two mentioned along with Caesars, Harrahs, Paris, Imperial Palace and Ballys.  Well Ballys and Harrahs probably not since they're not very nice, but IP just remodeled their chapel and the other two are nice.

    The MGM/Mandalay resorts definitely don't, nor does Venetian who's actually so far in Cashman's pocket that they dont even let outside photogs on the hotel grounds.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

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    Yay!  I'm glad there's hope that I could pull this off yet.  Thank you so much for giving me a better place to start.  Now I just have to hope that some of these places have open appointments when I call.

    On another note, how long do these consultation appointments last?  I've been trying to only book one a day because they all want to meet around noon.  I'm running out of days to schedule them during our visit.  How tight can I pack them in?
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    Our meetings with various chapels rarely took longer than 45 minutes.  The longest was probably Bellagio but that was because of how many different types of ballroom configurations they had, so there was a lot of walking involved.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

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    We've been engaged for almost 3 months and I'm still totally scattered with what I'm doing.  So more questions.  :)  You've been so helpful!

    What kind of questions am I supposed to ask?  Obviously, I care very much about an outside photographer.  Other than that, it seems like most of the details are spelled out on the websites of each.  Some of the things like where to ship the dress, hair/makeup, etc. are things that I assume I can figure out after I pick my location.  I really just wanted to see each site.  Am I missing something?  I really don't want to waste our trip next week, and I would be bummed to need to visit again.  I'm sure I would have to take it from the budget somewhere.

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