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Terrible experience with Vegas Vow Renewal - Please read

Hi all!
I am an original 2004 Vegas knottie that recently went back to Vegas last December for our 5 year anniversary. It was supposed to be a fun lighthearted ceremony for our family and friends to attend. 

We had planned all details out with our planner to the last detail via email and phone. Once landing in Vegas, we went and cemented all details and paid our final balance. Our ceremony was missing components we had paid for, and our pictures turned out blurred and simply unprofessional. We spoke with the chapel manager after the ceremony and she assured us that she would have the photographer edit the photos and send them to us along with a silver frame as an apology for the missing ceremony components. We reluctantly agreed as our flight was leaving the next morning. 

Once we got home we have been tried to get in contact with the manager to get the fixed images. She has been ignoring all calls / emails and has not returned a message. We have been in contact with our credit card company to challenge the photography charge as we did not get the quality of pictures we paid for. We would like to have the photos fixed or get (at least) a partial refund. The credit card company is asking for a second opinion letter from a different chapel (???) to get a different view on the situation. I've contacted a few chapels but, understandably, they do not want to get involved. Does anyone have any advice on what to do. We had family fly in just to be in the photos. I'm at a loss.

Thanks knotties. 

Re: Terrible experience with Vegas Vow Renewal - Please read

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    Maybe contact the BBB. I am sorry this is awful.
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    Thanks for the reply, I have 2 more days to submit a letter to the credit card company. Yikes!!! 

    Does anyone else have any suggestions? Any help is sincerely appreciated!
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