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Eloping April 2013 to Vegas...unsure of which chapel/company to use?!?!

We have booked our flights and hotel for the week of April 14th, 2013.  I've looked at 702 Weddings for quite some time now and like the fact that their packages are cheap and seem to include everything including transportation to the chapel and live streaming for our family/friends back home.  

I guess now that I'm ready to officially book, I'm getting nervous about picking that company and there being a better one out there that I have over looked.

So I am wanting to know, which is the best company to go with and why do you think??

It is just the 2 of us so we are looking for a fairly cheap package! 

Thank you!

Re: Eloping April 2013 to Vegas...unsure of which chapel/company to use?!?!

  • We were looking into 702 and then I found this lovely board and ultimately went with Chapel of the Flowers. They have some cheaper packages that I encourage you to look at, especially if online streaming is important to you because 702's doesn't hold a candle to COF's. 

    We're getting married that week too =) Best of luck.
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  • We are eloping and getting married the week after at Cof:) They have been amazing so far:)
  • Have you guys booked any restaruant or nightclub after?
  • I booked Canaletto for our reception.
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    J + A [4-15-13] + JJ [1-22-14] 
  • i would have booked COF too if just eloping, seems beautiful. But we will have about 40 guests so we went with Silver Sky chapel which is great for a budget bride too =)
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  • We are getting married the week of April 22 and I have booked at La Bella Chapel at LVH. They have great prices which was a must on our small budget and the venue looks very nice - not cheesy like some.
  • Thanks for your help!  Yes after checking out Chapel of the Flowers, everything about them seemed sooooooo much better than 702.  I booked 2 days ago for April 17th.  I'm super excited! It is going to be very different eloping and not having anyone come with us, but at the same time I'm looking forward to our time together just the 2 of us. 

     I just bought a groupon for vistaprint I think I'm going to make bride and groom tees on there for us to wear as we fly out on the 14th.  Yes it's cheesy I know but I think it's cute! LOL...thanks you guys for the help! 

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