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Can't decide!

Hi everyone,

Looking for some help in trying to decide where to have our ceremony in Las Vegas. We are hoping to get married as early as Feb 14, 2011.

We do not want to spend a lot of money and will only have approximately 10 - 15 guests, and do not plan on doing our reception in Las Vegas, as we are going to do that when we get home.

Our necessities are a DVD of the ceremony that we can play at our reception when we get home/webcast of the wedding for friends/family back home. We would like some photos of the ceremony and are going to do a seperate photo shoot on the strip afterwards or possibly the next day.

So far, I have narrowed it down (unless anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to let me know!) to:

The Chapel in the Clouds @ The Stratosphere
     -Love the pictures way up high!
     -Would like to do a night time ceremony if we choose this location (I believe that is possible as I saw a couple night time photos on their website)
    -Like that guests are also allowed to take photos
    -Like webcast
    -It's cheap and on the strip!

The Grove
   -Beautiful outdoor location
   -Professional wedding video
   -2 hour limo service is nice

The Chapel of the Flowers
   -Offers DVD and webcast
   -Does not seem as 'tacky' as some vegas ceremony locations
   -Good price
   -Does anyone know what the garden option looks like?
   -Unsure about gazebo, is it old and tattered or does it look ok if anyone knows...?

Wedding Bells Chapel
   -Does anyone have any thoughts on this location's looks? Does it look ok? It looks pretty nice on their website but I'm unsure if these pictures are accurate or not..

Vegas Wedding (
   -Would be interested in 'The Terrace' option
   -Looks gorgeous at night in the photos on the website
   -Good price
   -Limo service to get marriage license
   -DVD & webcast
Was also looking at the Belleza Wedding Chapel a little bit....

I am so unsure and looking online can make it very difficult to decide! As you can tell, we are trying to be as cost efficient as possible but I would still like to have a gorgeous location.
Having a great number of photos is not that important but we definitely would like some, and the ones we do get I want to be good! ....As we will be looking at them on our walls for the rest of our lives! haha.
And also, the DVD and/or webcast is important to us as well.

If anyone has ANY tips they can give to help us decide that would be wonderful and greatly appreciated! Feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the options! Phew.

Thanks for your help ladies!

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Re: Can't decide!

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    Hi, I don't have any feedback on the venues you mentioned but thought I'd share my thoughts on the one we picked, the Wynn. The hotel is absolutely gorgeous in every way. The first time I went in I felt like I had stepped in wonderland. They have an affordable "just the basics" ceremony package to which you could add extras or hire an outside photographer for your strip ride. At first we thought we weren't going to have a reception but then decided for an intimate in-suite party for us and our ten guests, which is still affordable... just in case you change your mind about not having a reception.
    Personally I don't think I would book my wedding ceremony location unless I had seen it in person, with the exception of the high end hotels like the Stratosphere. I'd say the Stratosphere, it's the most unique! 
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    Congratulations on choosing Vegas!

    Have you checked what locations are still available. I would think being Valentines day a lot of places would already be booked out for 2011. Before getting fixed on a certain location I would double check which ones were still available then choose from them!

    A lot of places were booked out already for the time we were looking at for our Sept 2011 wedding! and I know how disappointed I was when my time was booked!
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    Hi!!!! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!!!

    I haven't seen the rest of those locations, but The Grove. I actually considered The Grove for my wedding. I even went there and checked it out, and it is a very beautiful place, especially the wooden gazebo, so nice and romantic. So if you are into an outdoor wedding and want a beautiful, non-strip one then The Grove would be perfect for that. The only thinhg that bothers me about it is that it's about half an away away from the strip, but it's nice that they have the limo since it's a bit far.

    Hope this helps!
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    Check out the Treasure Island chapel. It is very pretty and the wedding package prices are extremely reasonable! They have also been great to work with. : )
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