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Hi!  Since you're an MSP bride as well, I was wondering how far in advance you booked your flights.  Did you do Delta, Sun Country?

It looks like they'll be releasing flights for May soon, and I'm just unsure how long we should wait. 

TIA! :)

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    Hi there - We booked about a month after flights were released, but we should have booked right away as that's when they were the cheapest.  People thought it was so early etc., but shouldn't have listened.

    We're flying out on Delta and back on Sun Country, due to at the time of booking Sun Country only had one flight which got into Vegas about 4 pm which was too late for us, since Sun Country has put out an earlier flight of course.  Flights first came out at $250, we booked at $309.

    My advice is if it's under $350 and good flight times, definitely book!  They'll probably come out cheaper than that though at first.  All flights have done is gone up since, right now they are at $400 plus for a non-stop flight for our dates.  We are really hoping they go back down some for our guests that haven't book. 

    Let me know if you have any other questions, HTH!
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    Perfect!  Thank you!!  Yeah, it looks like most in the early spring are around the $400 mark right now - so I'm hoping they are cheap when they come out with May dates! 

    I appreciate your help :)  I hope all is going well with your planning!

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