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In-suite at the Venetian?

Hi All-
Has anyone had / or are planning an in-suite reception at the Venetian? I really want to get married at the Venetian but I don't know about having the reception there, I see alot of brides use or are using the Vista suite at the Mandalay Bay which looks great but it's all the way at the other end of the strip so then I'd have to worry about getting people there. And does anyone know if the Venetian will allow you to use an outside caterer or bring in outside food? (That is one of the perks it sounds like to the Mandalay Bay is it sounds like they kind of look the other way on outside caterers).
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Re: In-suite at the Venetian?

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    My guess is that the official policy of the Venetian is no outside anything if their catering policies are anything like their photography policies.  We looked into having our reception there in a private ballroom and were told that even in a ballroom that we'd be renting, outside photographers are expressly forbidden from working anywhere on any venetian-owned property.  Obviously many couples give it a try anyway and haven't had issues, but it's still taking a chance.

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    If I remember correctly, jccswl had a party at one of the suites in the Venetian and didn't have any trouble. Her food was from Grand Lux. You can PM her for more details. HTH!
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    Grand Lux's food is really good, and Rich which is whom you'd talk to is super nice, and up front about everything.  Good luck!
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    I'll just copy/paste from that thread.

    In Response to <a href="">Venetian, Retro bakery, Grand Lux reviews (pics too)</a>:
    [QUOTE]I wanted to give some sort of review on the Venetian suites in case any bride is interested on having an in-suite reception there. Initially we reserved the Piazza Suite which is appx., 1,400 sqft., but we upgrade (I'm so glad we did) to the Prima Suite b/c we were offered an upgrade for a great deal. The Prima is appx., 1,500 sqft., and it has a full bar. We were had a Graduation/Bday party for a couple of my BFFs, so there was about 20people in the suite and the space was comfortable. Any more than 25 people it becomes tight unless you want to use the bedroom too.
     Pros: -The bar was a savior, we totally need that space to have make drinks, and serve the food. We brought with us a small heating portable oven, and it really came in handy with keeping the food warm. (This is necessary if you're not using Venetian in-suite dining or outside catering).
     -The view was beautiful. -Separate bathroom for guests.
     -Enough seating between, the bar seats, couches, ottomans.
    -Plenty of storage under the bar to keep additional plates, forks, bottles, etc., there's also a small refrigerator.

    Cons:- No guests access, you have to go down stairs and escort guests up.
     -No Ipod dock or music (it's possible to bring your own), we had to PAY for music through the TV, $10 for 3 hours. (I didn't like this at all)
     -Venetian does not "allow" for outside catering, but we used Grand Lux, and we simply order the food to go (about 5 hours prior) and carried the food up ourselves without security saying anything.

    **Grand Lux***- I absolutely loved the food. We ordered just appetizers and some pizzas. The total came out to $650, and we had so much food left over. I totally screwed up on ordering, but I guess I'd rather have too much than too little.

    Menu: Buffalo chicken rolls
     Crispy flautas
     Cheese steak spring rolls
    Crab cakes
    Mini hot dogs (huge hit!!)
     a couple of the Grand appetizers
     Margherita pizza BBQ chicken pizza
     Grand Italian pizza
    The food is delicious, and it was a great value for the amount of food we got.

    We also ordered mini cupcakes from Retro bakery. I liked the idea of the mini's b/c you can order 2 different flavors per dozen. They were so good and perfect 2 biters. They also deliver to you. I would deffo recommend.
    Posted by jccswl[/QUOTE]
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