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Your Fave Strip Tour Pic?

I'm trying to plan our strip tour and I was wondering what were your favorite locales and pics? Please post a pic of your favorite spot shot. In front of the Welcome to LV sign? The fountains at the Bellagio? One of my top picks is eating a chili dog at Pinks ...I've always wanted to go to Pinks (all my friends know this) and I found out there's a Pinks on the strip so we thought that would be a cute/querky pic! So what was your favorite strip tour pic and why? (this might get interesting ;-) )

Re: Your Fave Strip Tour Pic?

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    Wow, that's a tough one. Todd captured so many great shots for us. I have 2 I really love from the Venetian

    But then the shots over on Fremont St. in the casino were so fun.

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    I didn't do a strip tour, but this is my favorite outdoor picture we took. It is taken outside of Mandalay Bay in VOTF. We blew it up to 16X20 :)
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    MN - Your casino shots are fantastic!
    D - I love that picture, it is so striking.

    My favorite picture is us in front of Caesars:

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    Kirsten, I'm trying to plan mine also.  Are you two going by yourselves or are you bringing the wedding party?  

     I def want bellagio fountains, eiffel tour and venetian.  I am thinking my photog will know all the spots and where is best since he does it all the time.  Whatever he thinks is fine with me.  

    Also i would kinda like both night and day pics.  I got Todd for 8 hrs so its possible.  Just not sure if its going to be to much.  

    What transportation did you use to get around?  Did you drive to each hotel?  Some are so close its prob closer to walk.  If its just us we will prob get a limo or suv but if we take everyone we are thinking double decker.  I wasn't sure if the bus makes it harder to get in and out or not.  Meaning its so big, sometimes buses have to go around back instead of valet like a limo.  
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