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Checks and Anxiety!

Invites are officially in the mail and I'm really anxious! Today is officially 90 days! That's only 12 weeks! EEEKKKKK!!! I'm really nervous about what if many people don't RSVP? We already have a small guest count as it is (15) and I see all the great reviews and pics where everyone had a lot of people. I'm worrying mine won't feel like a 'real' wedding! Also, Wednesday I take my dress in to start alterations too. Time is flying!

Re: Checks and Anxiety!

  • Now you get to look forward to checking the mail for rsvp's! Regardless of how many people come it'll be even better than a typical wedding because you're going to be in Las Vegas and that's fabulous in itself! The only requirements of a "real" wedding are a bride and a groom and sweetie you have both of those AND a pretty dress to boot =)
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    Thank you ladies! I know you're right!
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