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To those with a wedding party...

What are you doing for groomsman gifts?

We are rather stumped, just looking for some ideas.

We want to do something tailored to each individual but all fiance can think of is giftcards.  I'm a fan of giftcards for things that each guy likes but don't want to do giftcards only.  I want something more personalized.

Any ideas or can you share what you are doing/did?
Or for those that don't have a WP, maybe something you have seen that you thought was a good idea.


Re: To those with a wedding party...

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    I'm struggling with this as well. Fi has 2 groomsmen and I've never met them so I have NO idea (they don't live anywhere near us, and I will meet them soon, but still!) Plus I have 1 bridesman (my son) and I don't know for him either. My daughters (bridemaids) both want custom designed Chucks, so that's what they're getting, plus some jewelry (not for the wedding, just stuff that they'll like.)

    I don't want to give the guys just boring gift cards! UGH! 
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    Ugh, we're struggling with this too!  FI is a big sneaker guy, as are his friends, so he's toying with the idea of making them each custom Nike ID shoes (but it's proving to be better in theory than in practice as he's having a hard time finding shoes that he thinks they'd actually wear).  
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    I didn't want to do gift cards either, but also couldn't come up with anything in particular to buy my boys.  At some point I decided I wanted to have my own tux instead of renting so I bought them all tuxes and ties as well.  We did pay for the hotel rooms for all our wedding party too.

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    I'm struggling with this too. Men eh? So much harder to buy for. Personalized hip flasks is my best idea so far x
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    We ended up not doing a wedding party but when we were thinking about it, we were going to do these (his friends like to drink). Wedding Countdown Ticker image119 Dealt!
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    I think we're leaning towards flasks & a pocketknife
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    We did ipod shuffles with their names engraved.
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    For my BM I bought them the following....

    Earrings to wear on the wedding day
    Waffle Cosmetic bags with their initials on them
    Personalized mirror from Things Remembered with their initials and our date on the back

    My FI bought them the following...

    Shoes for the wedding day

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    FI only has a best man.  He loves hunting, so we are getting him (what i feel like is a super expensive) buck knife - hick I know.  But whatever he'll love it!
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    We're getting my MOH and her husband 2 tickets to see the Cirque Beatles Love show (he'll be helping at the reception to make sure everything is organized while we're taking pictures).  They really wanted to go and wouldn't have been able to afford it. I basically asked her what she would prefer - a Vegas memory or something else and she picked the show.  I'm also going to get her a Coach clutch and put the tickets in there.

    As for the Best Man... it's so hard to think of something good! He (and his wife) were not interested in the Beatles show. They really love going to the movies so we were thinking of getting them a bunch of "nights out to the movies" - tickets with drinks and popcorn included. And then we're trying to think of something else that they'll be happy with and will use.
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    We got our best man a Flip HD video camera (it is tiny, like a mobile phone but the video quality is amazing) -- he loved it! And used it a lot in Vegas.

    We got our groomsmen different, personalised gifts - Scrablle tile cufflinks of his initials, a pewter surfboard keyring with his name engaved on... little, meaningful gifts.
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