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How do these tips looks?

I'm working on finalizing expenses and figuring out how much cash to bring to Vegas. Will you look over my plans for tips? Any place that you think is too little/too much? Anyone I'm forgetting?

100 Marie--coordinator at the Platinum
  50 Gita--concierge at the Platinum
  50 Rev Linda
  20 Lori H&M trial
  40 Lori H&M
  20 Retro Bakery delivery (although, I'm not sure anyone will be around to tip!)
  20 the Palette bouquet delivery
100 DJ--if they do a good job!
 20 Limo driver--transportation for pictures
 50 housekeeping at theHotel--for removing trash after the welcome party

Ack! Just realized I forgot about Debi. $20?

For our photographer, Chelsea Nicole, I'm thinking about sending a gift after the wedding. If I were to tip 20% it would be approaching $1000. What do you think?

Re: How do these tips looks?

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    Sounds good.
    Tipping trial? Not sure if you should do that?
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    Personally wouldn't tip the bakery driver, flowers, steamer, or photographer. A nice gift after the wedding would be nice, but not necessary.  i usually only tip people tha are service professionals that rely on tips, not business owners that are keeping all of the profits.
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    I didn't tip the florist or the bakery. They both charged delivery fees, and I didn't see either of them. It was all brought into Kil@Wat. I think I tipped $20 to the guy who dropped off my dress and H's tux.
    Earthlimo (Platinum's prefered vendor, you get a discount!) includes tip in their charge.
    I tipped our banquet manager, Alex, $100. She was amazing and went out of her way. Even chasing down my florist when my boquet (with my great-grandmother's rosary) disappeared. I also tipped the bartender, Daniel, on top. I think I gave him $100.
    DJ got $100. Photog got $350. They were with us from 1p-10p. Plus we get a TTD session that we're doing on Monday.
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    Thanks for the help!
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    Oh my gosh, I wanted Chelsea Nicole to shoot my wedding, but her first package was more than my entire wedding budget! lol That's awesome, I'm so excited for you!!!
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