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Masterpiece Cuisine- Please help!

Hi everyone... long time listener, first time caller..

My fiance, Matt, and I are travelling from Australia to get married in Las Vegas in April 2012! We have found this site to be incredibly useful and the forums are an absolute treasure trove when it comes to planning.

From reading everyone's reviews of Masterpiece Cuisine, we have decided we would like to use them to cater our in-suite recption, but have a couple of questions for anyone that has previously use them..

We are looking at the Gourmet Express Heay Aps option for 20-25 people and are wondering how big the portions are and whether you would consider them substantial enough to take the place of a meal, or whether they are intended just for snacking??

Any suggestions?

Re: Masterpiece Cuisine- Please help!

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    We are doing this, plus bar for our reception. I was told by Scott (MP guy) that this should well feed my guests and have some left over. Personally I think it depends on what kind of reception you are planning. Ours is more of an extended cocktail hour and guests are well aware of what we are providing. It is also outside of standard meal times.
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    What is their pricing like? I would love to have Apps instead of actual food . TIA

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    Vegasbound ygpm
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    Hey VegasBoundBride..
    It's just over $2,000 for a choice of 6 aps (two of each per person) for 25 people. Plus 3 hours of Beer, Wine and Spirits and a bartender.

    We are having a pretty casual in-suite reception but it will be right over dinner-time. So we are considering ordering an extra couple of trays of food just to ensure we have enough food for everyone. Especially since we'll all be drinking.
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    I too am using MPC for in-suite/approx 40 guests. They are a great option, and can run anywhere from $25 pp on up--depending on what you choose to serve. My party is running over dinner time, and as pp, we will be drinking! So along with several Aps, I felt the need to add a large tray of salad and a pasta dish. As for the bar, they have packages if you'd like to look into them. But for my needs, I found it cheaper to buy my own liquor, cups, mixers, etc, and hire a bartender (5 hrs) Scott has been great to work with, and your options are very customizable.
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    That is out of by budget for sure. Are there any other companies that do something similar for cheaper.

    @JohannaMW: Sorry for taking over your post . Smile
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