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Alteration recommendations in Vegas

I'm considering buying my dress out of state because the one I'm leaning towards is being quoted about $500 more than I've seen it elsewhere and what people say they have paid for it. The problem is its the only store in town that carries that line.

Can anyone recommend a good place to do alterations that doesn't mind if you buy the dress somewhere else? I would need to convert the zipper to a corset,  have it hemmed,  and taken in.  

I was going to start calling around today but was hoping to hear of some good reviews so I don't make a decision blindly.

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Re: Alteration recommendations in Vegas

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    I have no personal experience with them but Debi from Fit for a Bride recommends:

    Celebrity Tailors

    She was so phenomenal with our steaming/pressing I would definitely be willing to try someone she recommends.

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    Debi from Fit for a Bride was fantastic!
    She was pleasant, and did a really good job on my dress-- and her prices seemed really reasonable, too (120 to change a neckline and 25 to add cups).
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