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Groomzilla has Returned- With Reviews!

So we are back, at home, and married.  After an exhausting week of hiding from guests we got it all done- and for what i thought, a VERY reasonable budget.  Here are the details - with no punches pulled!  I am not giving a rating on anything, just what happened with each.  If you have any questions send me a PM!

Ceremony Site:  Valley of Fire through:
Cost $1174 before tips (see more on this)
We were Very pleased with the service from this company, and the cost was great.
   They provide transport for up to 10 guests, photography, video, and full rights to all the pictures.  The minister was great- with a very "light" ceremony with a few great stories just long enough to get all the important points across. 
   The only real concern I had was a recommended tip to the photographer before I have seen any pictures- so expect a follow up review will come.  Your cost will vary on guest counts, as the park fee is directly affected by your numbers.
   They also helped me get in contact with the candy lady when she was late, and I beleive they called her as i didn't have ell reception.

Guest Transport to the Valley of Fire and back to reception by:
LDtours - $640 after tax and tip (56 seat coach bus)
   The bus was on time after the management at the Flamingo couldn't decide what lobbies were open or closed.   Price was reasonable, they included tip in my quote (which i appreciate), and there weren't any complaints. 

Reception Venue was:
Casa de Contenta $4000 for the week
We rented this huge house for the week, so we charged any guests that wanted to stay $250 a person, the house sleeps 12-14 (depending on bed sharing) and we covered the difference- lets just say that the people that refused were VERY regretful after seeing it.  It is a $20 cab to the strip, but with tons of shopping nearby, it wasnt a concern.
   The set up is amazing, and the home owner Vicky was awesome to work with (just bring her sme chocoloate when you arrive).  We had 45 people in the backyard/dining area, with room for another 10 EASILY, without renting any extra tables or chairs.  Highly Recommended.

Food at Reception:
Masterpiece Cuisine: $1360
Food was decent, but not amazing, although half the food was gone when we arrived, so the guests apparently thought it was delicious.  It was late getting set up however, which made me a little perturbed, more so because I didn't receive an apology through email or any other source.  (We sent our guests in to eat early from the ceremony)

Pick your Poison cupcakes: $170 for 120 minicupcakes delivered.
   These were a huge hit, all the flavors were amazing, and I think delivery was on time.  I had a message on my phone that one of the girls was at the house, but no one heard her knocking, so she left them at the front door.  Not a big deal, as someone seen her leaving.  If she had a local number it wouldn't of been an issue, so I will take the blame on this one as i was running late when they arrived, and didn't have cell reception.

Sweet Sensations Candy Station: should of been $250
   was a little frustrating, and the owner made a real effort to fix things, but i was very disappointed-  The first date she sent me to set up was the 25th- our wedding was the 29th so I correct her itinerary.  At 7pm on the 29th i get a call the candy hasn't arrived, so I call the owner.  She thought the wedding was on FRIDAY the 29th (I hadn't said what day of the week in my email, just the date) so she will get on it ASAP.  She arrives at 9, sets up, and 25% of the candy is not what we requested (although still delicious). 
She DID apologize more then once however, and refused to take ANY money for it being such a disaster, so i would give her another chance.

Bently & Wilson photography $580 for 3 hrs
   The  session was really fun, but until i see the final product, I will hold off on a review

Presidential Limos  $85/hr 3 hour rental of Super Stretch Limo
   Service was good- he was on time, parked while we took pictures, and came promptly when we texted.  I would rent from them again.

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