Wichita Weddings???

is there some reason why I can't pull any information for Wichita on this site?  everytime I try I just get KC info...confused :(

Re: Wichita Weddings???

  • megan8468megan8468 member
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    They only have KC as the recognized city in KS and therefore all the vendors are KC vendors. I'm facing the same problem!
  • future-mrsfuture-mrs member
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    Yup, KS only has KC...which is stupid IMO....I'm 3 hours from KC, definitely not close enough for vendors!!!!

    If ya'll have questions and whatnot about your hometowns though, post them, I pop in occasionally here and might be able to help.
  • SoonergrlnksSoonergrlnks member
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    What are you needing help with.  I am 2 months out from my wedding and I am in the Wichtia area and have everything but the DJ figured out.  So I might be of some help. 
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  • TwilightEdgeTwilightEdge member
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    My best friend got married in Oct. '09 and I was the Maid of Honor so I can name a few venues and DJs and whatever else you need. =)
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    I am facing the same problem. I am only in the beginning stages of planning since I am not yet engaged but we have talked about marrage. Any suggestions on DJ's would be welcomed.
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    I too am in wichita and looking for a videographer that isn't going to charge my entire freakin' leg!  Our videographer got booked the same day we were trying to book.  ugh! 

    Where is everyone getting married at?  Lets just make this our own City Listing! lol
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