FS: hoop skirt/slip/crinoline


I would like to sell the slip/crinoline from my wedding last year. Worn just the once! :) I'm in Topeka but if you are interested we can figure something out.

It is a Sweetheart Slip, single hoop, stock number 104DS, size XL. It has a drawstring waist and fits up to size 48 waist. The hoop is also adjustable up to 89 inches.

If you need something to add some fullness or a little motion to your dress, don't pay $65 like I did. I'll sell it for $25!

There is just no good way to photograph this! You can also see it on craigslist:  https://post.craigslist.org/manage/1787790192/kegrx
Please respond via email if interested.

email if interested. roxie004 at yahoo dot com

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