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Virginia Bride wants Pittsburgh Church Ceremony

HELP! I live in northern virginia by DC and i'm getting married in Pittsburgh, PA. The venue we found doesn't have an area to have a ceremony. I am curious to find out what other brides did when they lived out of town or far away from home and wanted to have a church ceremony. I'm catholic. I'm no longer a part of the church i went to as a kid. I need help finding a ceremony site close to Creighton, PA that will allow us to get married without being members of the parish.

Thank you for your help guys :)

Re: Virginia Bride wants Pittsburgh Church Ceremony

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    Post this on the local wedding boards located on the left.  There will be one for the Pittsburgh area and they can offer you some ideas.  This is the international board so you won't get much help here.  Good luck!
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    Thank you! i'm such a n00b
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