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catholic ceremony outdoors? / St Joe

I'm planning an outdoor wedding in St Joe, and apparently can't use a Catholic priest as we hoped.  They refuse to do weddings outside of the church.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Any suggestions?I had thought about having a non-religious ceremony and then a private catholic ceremony at a later date, but that seems like a lot of work!

Re: catholic ceremony outdoors? / St Joe

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    Pwitty2005Pwitty2005 member
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    I have never found any exceptions to the "no Catholic weddings outdoors" rule. One option you have is to use a "nondenominational" or "universal" officiant that is willing to tailor the ceremony for you. You could choose catholic prayers and readings to personalize your ceremony to fit your spirituality and allow you to hold the ceremony outside. Along the same idea, you could select important family or friends to do the readings/prayers. Many non-religious officiants are willing to work out a ceremony that fits you, including religious aspects. You probably wont be successful with judges, etc who rarely do religious ceremonies, but there are plenty of nondenominational Christian officiants who are willing to get creative. 2 Ceremonies seems like too much work and its not like the Catholic church wont recognize your marriage with your outdoor ceremony (they just wont perform it).
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    Yeah.  Sounds like in this situation, you have to decide which is more important to you- having the wedding outside, or having it with the Catholic Church.
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