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South Haven Hair Salon or Florist Recommendations

Hi ladies!

Our wedding is quickly approaching (Aug 4th) and we haven't had much luck with finding someone to do my hair or the bridesmaids.  Any suggestions on good salons in the area?

We also need help with florists.  We're not looking to order a ton - just my bouquet and boutonierres/corsages for the parents.  Our reception site had a list of recommended vendors and suggested The Rose Shop (in S.H.) or Blair Floral Design (in Grand Junction).  Anybody have experience with either of these places?  I looked at the Rose Shop's website - their prices seem kinda scary ($35 a boutonierre?!?).

Re: South Haven Hair Salon or Florist Recommendations

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    Hi! I'm originally from South Haven! The Rose shop does great work, but it is pricey. You can try calling them and see if they'll work within our budget, though. I'm all for buying local, but if that doesn't work for you, I'd do a little diy and order flowers online or through walmart/ sams/ cosco.

    As for hair salons, the only one I've ever liked (not that there are a lot) is the Kerry Mark Salon right downtown.

    Hope that helps! Where are you getting married, by the way?
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    I used The Rose Shop and they did an absolutely amazing job. I think I spent around $700 for bouquet, corsages/bouteniers, 14 centerpieces and lots of ceremony decor.

    I also went to Mandy (?) at Kerry Mark and had make up by Debbie I believe. I was really pleased with everything.

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    Alright ladies... tried the Rose Shop but no go.  They are already booked for two other huge weddings that day.  The woman I spoke with was kind enough to suggest 4 other shops in the "area" so that was nice.  I'm thinking VS Flowers is the front runner.  Anybody heard of or used that florist?

    Sounds like they have reasonable prices and they're only 10-15 minutes north.  I really wanted to use someone in town - just in case something didn't quite work out right and we needed something for a "plan b".

    And thanks for the Kerry Mark suggestions, going to check them out tomorrow :)
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