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For Those of You Getting In Wedding Day Shape

Hey Ladies!

I am, like many of you, trying to work out well before the big day. I just joined this tiny gym close to home to help with this, and I want to share with you the gem this gym is!

It's called, Rock Fit Gym, and it's on the corner of Belding and Ramsdell in Rockford, MI. The man who owns it has been a personal trainer for like ever, and he's so personable and helpful!

I just pay for the monthly membership (no membership dues or contracts!), and if I go while he's there he's always helping out with workout plans! He will even write you one out to help target the areas you need help with most.

My first month is over, and now he's writing me a new plan. He's just so excited to get all his members in the shape of their dreams. I've seen him help others too, so I know it's not a flirty thing.

Plus the gym has great classes for core, strength training, balance, Zumba, and my personal fav. WERQ.

If you're looking for a gym, I obviously recommend this one!
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