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Newly Engaged; i need friends :(

it's difficult to have a happy engagment when my parents both are against the idea, my mom doesn't like FH, and i have no best friends besides my brother. he will be the MOH, i'm so excited about that. anyone have advice? any grand rapids brides that would want to chat? add me to your friends so we could compare wedding ideas? monicaandbrett2012

TIA for all your help :)
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Re: Newly Engaged; i need friends :(

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    Congrats on your engagement! Why are you parents against it? How does his family feel?
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    Welcome. I'll only be around for about 18 more days, but more then willing to chat!
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    Howdy and congrats!  I'm sorry to hear that your family isn't supportive.  Don't let that be the rain on your engagement parade.  Tell us about yourself, your FI, what kind of wedding you are envisioning, etc!
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    I'm going through almost the same thing....but what I figure is that if this man is good to you and good enough for you to spend he rest of your life with......then thats what needs to be your focus It would be nice if people could put aside their own selfish opinions especially when it's YOUR time of happiness, but hey just sucks to be them :) .  IF I never see you again have a happy rest of your life...
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    I'm in Grand Rapids and all my friends live on the east side of the state!  I'd love to make some new friends around here, especially girls that I can wedding plan with!!

    Send me an email if you want!  [email protected]
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