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Restaurant receptions in the GR area

Hey everyone,

My FI & I are looking to have a restaurant reception in GR. We are having a semi-destination wedding in Traverse City with a few close friends & fam, but want to have a reception here where we live.  Although I've lived here my whole life, I am having a hard time thinking of spots to go.  We are kind of cost-conscious of course. 

I emailed McFadden's & San Chez today.  Haven't heard back yet... does anyone have any opinions on these two?  Or any thoughts of other spots?  We want it to be somewhat hip - but not too over the top :)

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Re: Restaurant receptions in the GR area

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    I love San Chez!

    I guess before I can chime in more, I'd have to know how many people are you thinking will be attending. 
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    I've seen some really cool things various places in the Bob.  I don't know how they are in terms of cost, but it coul be an option.
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    I am having my reception at McFadden's.  I think overall the prices are pretty comparable compared to everywhere else.   There events coordinator is really nice to work with.

    Good Luck
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    We're having our RD at Mangiamo...it's such a pretty place.
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