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Fountain Street Church

Hi everyone,
Has anyone been to a wedding or had their ceremony at Fountain Street Church? I ask because it is in the running to be our location, but we are getting married in July and apparently Fountain St (and a lot of other old churches downtown) do NOT have A/C.  I'm just really worried about the heat! 

::sigh:: I wish we weren't getting married in the Summer, but thats how it ended up.

Thanks for your input!

Re: Fountain Street Church

  • elamnopelamnop member
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    I haven't been to a wedding there in the summer, but have been to various meetings as well as a service- it's not hot at all, due to all of the stone. That was an awesome idea! I like the spot you picked! For churches, that would be one of my favorites in Grand Rapids.
  • RizzO18RizzO18 member
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    thanks so much for your input! i think we will stick with july
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