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Pianist for wedding ceremony

I REALLY need a piano player for our wedding in September. The venue we booked had the phantom piano which we were thrilled so we didn't have to hire a piano player. However, our wedding coordinator said we need a live person because the controls for the piano are in a different room and timing is off for a ceremony then. So now I have to find a piano player that is cheap or even free and know NOBODY. Help girls!!!

Re: Pianist for wedding ceremony

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    I'd contact the music departments at local universities and ask if they can recommend a student.

    I happen to work at GVSU (not the music department though) so I looked up the music department's #. It is: 616-331-3484. It's summer time so don't rely on leaving a message thinking you'll get a call back. Keep trying. 
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    thank you so much MrsChasey!!!! I will have to call them on Monday and see what happens.
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    Dear Susan,

    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

    If you've not found a pianist yet, I'd love to speak with you! I am classically trained and play regularly and professionally.

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