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child in wedding

My daughter will be a little over a year old, any cute ideas on adding her in the ceremony>?

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    My niece will be a "flower girl".  She will be 3 by then and already we are teaching her how to walk and so on.  My nephew will be 1 and a "ring bearer".  My brother will probably carry him down the isle.  At these ages its all about the cuteness.  I'm not really expecting them to do a grand job .  If they can not do the job on that day then so be it, they will just sit with their parents.  If you want her to be part of the wedding, then do it.  Don't focus on the negatives!  Have fun with it.

    Maybe when you are doing your vows she can stand (or be carried) with you so she can be a part of them...just a suggestion.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:10Discussion:1740e2db-ea74-4113-8d98-b07c3b0ebec4Post:6ea0ed58-6a31-4523-b725-4565892a1902">Re: child in wedding</a>:
    [QUOTE]As a professional church organist, I refused to play at any wedding involving children under the age of 3.  Too many disasters.
    Posted by CMGr[/QUOTE]

    Well that seems very unprofessional of you.  What diaster can you care about sitting at the organ?  Its not like you run out and grab the screaming baby... even if a kid freaks out, how much time can <em>really</em> be lost?  A few minutes?

    I hope your church offers another, less uppity, option for people seeking an organist.
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    Well, I can see her point.  If the kid holds up the processional, she has to keep playing and playing and playing...
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    our daughter will be 14 months we get married. Our original plan was to get married last summer, but when we found out I was going to be seven months pregnant on our wedding day, we decided to wait until after she was born!

    I can't imagine not having her be a part of our ceremony. Those brides without children of their own are right about the cutness factor...nieces and nephews of that age are great for the cutness factor, but your daughter is a part of your lives, and she deserves to have a role...even if she doesnt quite understand yet. But you know your daughter girlie is very well behaved, so we are going to have my MoH (sister in law/auntie) and FI's Best man (brother/uncle) walk down with her and then shes going to go over with the bridesmaids. She can stand, or if she wants either of her aunties to hold her thats fine too. We also realize that at somepoint during the ceremony she might want Mommy and Daddy too, and thats perfectly okay with us. I dont understand people who find young children an inconvience, our daughter is a delight, and the joy of our lives, if she does something unexpected, who cares? Shes a baby, and shes OUR baby!

    So do whatever you're comfortable with! DD relishes attention, so she'll love it, but if your sweet girl is shy, then have her walk down and sit with grandma. but remember, that no matter what she does, shes not going to be ruining your day, just making memories!
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