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Ideas for a budget-friendly Bridal Party venue

Me (Maid-of-Honor) and my fellow bridesmaids are trying to find a venue in the Grand Rapids area for cheap for a Bridal Party and are not sure where to look. No one has enough space to host it in their own home. Also, we do not have a lot of money to put towards a place. We are either also planning a wedding or scraping by supporting ourselves on student loans while we attend college. We have found great ways to save money, but I am afraid finding a place to have the party will be our breaking point.

It is going to be about 40 people and the hope is that the venue would be free, but if that is not possible, maximum under $100. Also, we would like to have as much control over the Birdal Party and the venue as possible (food, decorations, etc). Also, in Grand Rapids or the greater GR area.

I know this is a tall order, but any suggestions would be must appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Ideas for a budget-friendly Bridal Party venue

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    My best suggestion would be like a community room. Does anyone live in an Apartment complex or Mobile Home Park that has one? Then generally range under $50. Otherwise I know that Grandville has a Senior Center that residents can rent for pretty cheap. My Aunt did my Bridal Shower there for my fisrt wedding. It is not the best space but it is cost effective and you can get it for a pretty long block of time compaired to other places.
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    Do you have anyone in your party/family that is a Spectrum Health employee? If so they get a dicount through Celebration banquets and catering (Celebration like the local cinema chain)


    Their south conference room would probably fit your group and it's normally $150.

    you do have to use their food but they are very reasonably priced wether you want to just have snacks or a lunch and they have a lot of options

    I forget how much the discount is off the top of my head but I know you get a choice of either 50% off the room or a certain percent off the catering.
    I am a Spectrum Employee so my girls used my discount and just did the math to figure out which one ended up being the cheaper discount for them.

    the staff there is also very friendly and willing to work with you.
    (ie. they are letting my girls bring in a cake and not use what Celebration has to offer) So they are flexible on some stuff.

    (ie. we are using celebration North up on the beltline and those are the pricing links i sent you. I know they have rooms at celebration south on Kalamazoo and M6 but you would have to call to get the pricing for that. They also communicate through email really well.)
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