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Vendor Reviews 6/26

Reception:  Grand Rapids Hilton- A
    The Hilton was extremely professional in every way.  They had every detail under control, even ones we forgot about.  The service and food was amazing and all of our guests complimented it.  The only reason I am not giving them an A+ is because Mike Kelly isn't great about communication which can be stressful.  Keep in mind if you choose the Hilton, though, that even if he isn't great with communication he will be on his game 110% the day of and everything will go perfectly. 
    Many of our guests stayed at the hotel as well and really enjoyed their experience, as did Andy and I.  The rooms were very nice and classy.  We also chose the Hilton because the Spinnaker bar/restaurant is there and it was a safe way for the party to continue after the wedding was over. 

Flowers:  Elements of Elegance - A+
    Dee is beyond amazing!  I had to do a lot of planning from Washington, DC and she was very flexible.  I also had 4 different people in contact with her regarding my wedding which was extremely confusing but she handled it all perfectly.  My flowers looked great the entire day and I did not have to worry about a single thing.  Dee is also a wedding coordinator and although I did not have one at all, if I did I would have had her.  I would highly recommend her services. 

Cake:  My Aunt Janice - A
    My aunt made great cakes for each table and for display!  She doesn't do the fanciest work but I also didn't mind that so I was very happy.  I wasn't sure what flavors I wanted but the ones she came up with her amazing and all of my guests raved about the cakes.

Ceremony:  St. Paul the Apostle in GR- A-
     The day of the wedding and the rehearsal went amazingly.  I also greatly benfitted from the pre-marital counseling they required.  My only complaint was that the wedding coordinator there was a titch scatter brained which made me a little stressed.  At the end everything was great!

Photographer:  Marc Photography in Zeeland- A++++++
     I haven't even seen all of the photos yet but I am already ecstatic about their services!  Andrew and Tiffany are amazing to work with.  They have great suggestions and go with the flow very well.  The pictures turned out amazing and everyone thinks so.  Their packages are great prices compared to some places in GR but you don't suffer in quality at all. 

DJ:  Complete Music, Chip Kozal A++
    Chip was an amazing DJ.  He even got Andy's family who never dances at weddings to dance and everyone had a great time.  He took requests, asked frequently if we were content, played great music, etc.  The offices at Complete Music were also extremely professional and efficient.  I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Dress:  Bridal Elegance in Cascade:  A-
      The bad:  The day I went to look at dresses the store was slammed (possibly too much?) and no one helped my mom and I with dresses.  I felt that because we didn't bring a huge posse and swing our designer bags around we weren't given equal attention which was annoying.  That is my only complaint though!
     The good:  I was able to get my dress seriously discounted for various reasons when I bought it (the day I tried on dresses).  Make sure you ask about such discounts.  At the time I bought my dress we got a discount for buying the sample, buying it the day we first came to the store, paid in cash, and my wedding was more than 6 months away. 
      The alterations were also more than a fair price and they did a fantastic job with them.  My dress had a few tears (lace) and they repaired them extremely well.  Their seamstress definitely knows what she is doing! 
      My mom also bought her dress there and she was very last minute about it and yet they provided excellent service, helped her find a great dress, and were able to alter it in time for the wedding. 

BM dresses:  JCrew A+
    My BMs all seemed to really like their dresses and it fit them very well.  They were all quite busty gals and they all said they really like how well the dresses fit their body types. 

Hair:  Belladonna in Cascade A+++++
    I have gone to Belladonna for quite a few years now and they are always perfect.  I didn't have any pictures when I walked in but Tara still did a great job on my hair and my SIL's hair.  Meagan did two of my other BMs hair and they were both so happy with how she did it.  Tara and Meagan also did my MOH and I's mani-pedis and those also looked amazing.  I recommend this salon/spa for anything and everything. 

Rings:  Vandenberg Jewlers in Cascade- A+
     Their prices were much better than any stores around/in the mall.  FI actually did all of the work with them but he was extremely pleased with their professionalism and services. 

Tuxes:  Dunhill Tuxedo A+
      The men folk all looked perfect.  The only complaint was that they sometimes misplaced members of our BP's measurements.  The organization wasn't the best but they ended up delivering beyond expectations for the wedding so I can't really complain. 


Airtran-B:  Great prices and great service on the flight, however, when something goes wrong they aren't very helpful.  We missed our connection flight to Orlando because while in GR they held the plane for other guests and yet the same courtesy was not given to us in Baltimore.  We couldn't fly out until the next morning and they gave us the hardest time about finding another flight.  They also sent us all over the airport to file a complaint AND to find H's checked luggage.  In the end they held the luggage for our flight the next day but I didn't appreciate not knowing where it was.  Other than that, everything ran on time. 

Downtown Disney Hilton- A-:  It was a nice hotel and it was in a great location but it wasn't perfect.  The transportation to the parks was sometimes unpredictable.  They would leave early or come late and the schedule was weird.  The staff at the hotel was polite but several times we called the concierge and they forgot us on hold. 

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    I looked at your pictures on Andrew and Tiffany's blog...they did such a great job! They are doing my pictures in October and I just can't wait.  I'm glad to hear everything went so well for your big day!!!
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    Congrats!!  I am glad your day went so well and that both the Hilton and Dee worked out well for you.  :D
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