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Hello All,

My fiance and I are planning a wedding for Summer 2012 and getting to the point where we have a shortlist of potential venues, most of which are in Northern Michigan, some in the Grand Rapids area.
I was looking a few weeks back at potential venues and found one that I loved! Not sure why but apparently I did not bookmark it, which I do EVERYTHING that could possibly be an idea for our wedding. After weeding desperately through my entire history of the last month, I cannot find it, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help me if you can. I have also posted this on the Northern Michigan board.

I was mainly looking at the venue for a reception and cannot recall if it also had ceremony space. There was a possibility of having a tented reception and I believe they had options for very large tented receptions. The website had the floorplan for the venue and it was a main building with the tent attached by a longer, thin hallway and the tent was at the other end, effectively making it look like a barbel shape. The feel of the place was modern and light. I wish I had more details about it, but if anyone has ANY idea, please help a girl out and let me know where you think it might be.
I appreciate any and all help.

- Heidi

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