March 2012 Weddings

I absolutely HATED it!

I went for my hair and makeup trial yesterday, and yeah, I hated both.

The salon was professional, the girls were awesome, but I hated my hair and makeup.

My hair was loose curls, which was what I asked for, so I can't blame them there...but the curls made me look like a child. They curled my bangs (that go to the side) and everything. I looked ridiculous.

The makeup was INTENSE and made me look like a hooker.

Of course, I didn't want to hurt their feelings so I said everything was good.

Now I'm debating what to do. If I should go back and tell them all of the things I hated, so they can do different, or go to another place (there is no other salon near my house so we might have to travel out into the city on the day of the wedding) OR I'll just do my own hair and makeup on the day of. I have no doubt I could do better than what they did, but I'd have to practise my ass off before then.

AHHH....any ideas?!
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