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Straight Forward Etiquette Answer RE Wedding Website Please (long)

Here's the deal- I didn't have my website finished when I sent out my STDs, therefore obviously, the site info wasn't sent.
I did make a website and on it, obviously, there will be information about lodging/what is around/ how we met/pics and registry info.

Now, I truly don't give a shii about the registry. I really don't. Don't need $ for any particular reason & we have HM figured out.  FI and I are fully capable of buying stuff we need and we really only registered to use the discounts given afterwards and for those who truly do prefer physical gifts. I even declined 2 bridal showers that were offered. So clearly, no website info on the bridal shower invites.

Now I'm getting a lot of 'on the fence' answers from all over the internet, but, is it okay to include an insert with your website information within the invitations?

If it is okay, should the 'registry' portion be deleted from the website? 

I read that people would ask my mother or bridal party, but my family is divided due to a divorce and my parents are hardly involved in the wedding process.

Re: Straight Forward Etiquette Answer RE Wedding Website Please (long)

  • I've seen where people get the business card size thing for the wedding website info, they usually have something like for travel, lodging, and all other information please visit our wedding website at ....  And yes it is perfectly fine to have the registry information on there.  To be compeletly honest not that many people will actually even look at the website. 
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    I have a double sided insert with accomodation information and the website on oneside and directions on the other.  As long as you are not specifically mentioning the registry in/with the invitation you are fine.
  • If I were you, I'd include the website info in the invitation if you have information you need to include about your wedding that isn't going in your invitation. If you want to include the registry on your wedding website, then do so, if you don't want to, take it out.

    But if you're including the website and there is no additional information for guests that they can't already get on your invitation, then don't even bother with the website.

    I believe websites are fair game for registry info. You can either add it or not.
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  • I have our website info listed on the insert with accommodations information... and we have our registries on our website, perfectly OK
  • I just ordered inserts for my invites yesterday because I was on the fence! I decided I needed to include a map and directons because our wedding is in a rural community. I used Vistaprint for my invitations and they have a wedding invitation insert that you put the directions and a map on and at the bottom says "for more information consult our wedding website:  www...."  My registry info is on the website but I'm like you, I don't really need anything or care if the resitry is used. I made one because people have asked about it.
  • Thank you guys so much! It really does help. I have a bunch of other stuff on my website so I will probably do what beth said and just order inserts off of Vistaprint or something. :)

  • Heck - my invitations have our website listed on it, on the very bottom part of it. But that's simply because all of our guests are OOT.
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  • we listed our website on the response cards and are not including stamps on them... we really want people to RSVP online... that way its all in my email... thats where they can get registry information as well as everything else... we are keeping our invite very limited because of sending at 15 invites international... So that being said your first option is best... 
  • Etiquette states that it's rude to put a card with just your REGISTRY information on it. Since its your website address you are COMPLETELY within etiquette standards. :) I'm putting mine on ours, because it's also our mode of RSVP-ing, but you are absolutely fine so long as you don't put a card basically saying "Hey - we're registered here, here, and here." :)
  • I had that same issue so what I did was order separate postcards from Overnight prints that said something along the lines of:

    For Your Information

    For Hotel and Activity Recommendations
    Please see our wedding website at:


    We hope you can join us on our special day!

    Those weren't the exact words but it was similar.  The 50 postcards were $15 and then factor in postage.  That way it looked like I was sending out hotel information when really I wanted them to have my website info.

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