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Daddy dearest

Ok, so this is a problem I've yet to see on the boards--- my dad is always throwing fits that he isn't involved in the wedding plannign at all! I have heard enough. First we were making money decisions without him and he had no clue what was going on. Then we show him stuff. Now he tried to throw a tantrum tonight about the the tasting even we have at our venue tomorrow that he has known about for month.  He was like is my opinion really going to matter if I go? and so I called my mother and she put me on speaker phone and I called him out. I told him that I would take his opinon into consideration but nobody is making decisions about my wedding but me and my FI. He didn't see what he would get out of going and so I pointed out all the reasons he should go.  I was like mom might have been around more but you know I'm bullheaded and I have no problem telling her when I don't like her ideas.  That pretty well shut him up.

I know it sounds like I was mean but if he feels he isn't involved the last thing he should do is bail. Ugggghhhhh.....sometimes men act like little boys :)
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