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Christmas tree disaster... (Now complete with hideous pictures)

So I have had an interesting afternoon/evening! First off I had to drag FI to get motivated to get a tree, because with him working nights its just too hard to get one during the week. On the way there we argued because we were going to a new place and FI was messing with the GPS and not giving me adequate directions while doing so, so I missed the first major turn. Then we get out and walk around at the tree place and he just follows me half the time. I find this one tree I thought looked pretty good. We have like 10ft+ ceiliings and I thought it would be cool to be my first tall tree! Well terrible idea. He didn't listen to me and cut a foot off the bottom so that of course made us pay more for the tree. They place shook it and wrapped it for us and as FI lifts it so I can put the tailgate up on the truck he snaps about a foot of the peak off the tree. So then we argue on the way home because he is ticked the tree is damaged. Then we get it inside and the tree is too heavy for the tree stand we had and bent the leg rendering it broken. So we had to go buy another tree stand ($$) and when we unbundled it we found that the tree is MASSIVE. So we had to rearrange the living room to fit it. And after it was shook it just looks awful. It has holes in it in places we didn't wee before. There was truly no good angle for it. It is HOMELY. FUGLEY. anyname you can think of. And it is so huge that is all you can help but do to stare at it every time you walk past.  And it is so heavy we had to keep it straight by using fishing string and attaching it to the wall with dry wall scews.

So needless to say we aren't having any guests until after Christmas!! lol

But I have to tell you ladies I wasn't sure I was going to have a wedding there for a few minutes today :P

EDIT: Here are the pictures requested...


Re: Christmas tree disaster... (Now complete with hideous pictures)

  • I for one would love to see pictures of this tree!  I'm sure it's not as bad as you think!

    I've never had a real tree.  I want to get one every year but it's never the "right year" to get one.  :(  I have a little four foot plastic tree that I use so I am SURE your tree is better than mine! 

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  • What if you placed sparkling branches or flower stems in the areas that are bare? A big tree may = big holes, but I thought I'd toss out the idea. Chin year will be your first married Christmas!!! You can learn from this year's mistakes and get a better tree next year.
  • Hahahahaha. I am so sorry, Whit, but this definitely gave me a good laugh. I would love to see a picture, too! Maybe it isn't as bad as you think :).
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  • After FI leaves for work tonight I'll snap a picture and show you its ugliness in all its glory!! (Don't want him knowing I've shared it lol) Then you won't be able to deny it.. Even though you ladies tend to be very nice you will be surprised!
  • I don't think it will look half bad once it's all decorated. You'll be surprised how the lights, ornamints, and garland can hide bare spots. It might not seem funny now, but I'm sure in 5+ years you'll be retelling this as your funny "first time we got a live tree" story.
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  • Yeah I can see what you mean on the top. I probably would've been pissed too. But, I also agree just do a BA job decorating and you'll never know. Haha
  • OMG -  thanks for giving me a good laugh this morning!!!! LOL - isn't it funny how they looks so much better and different until you get it into the house?! 
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  • OMGosh lol I don't think it looks so bad!! Just put lights and ornaments and it will be good!
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  • Oh my gosh girl, that is a GIANT tree!!
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  • Holy cow it's huge! But that's awesome! I agree with PP's, just throw some decorations on it! :)

    Ps, I've had a fake 8' pre lit for years now. I hate the Christmas lights! :)
  • Haha thanks ladies. I'm going to attempt lights some time this week. We'll have to see what it does. Maybe it just the makeup my tree needs :P Its kind of like the mut we brought in off the streets at the moment. lol
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