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Pet peeve

I couldn't decide what to title this...but I have a really hard time respecting people with no self control. Weak people. I say this because my FI can just about drive me crazy with this.  In all areas of life he is generally great. He's smart, hard worker, good common sense. But you pair him against alcohol and he has the spine of a jelly fish. IT DRIVES ME NUTS! I'm not saying he is an alcoholic by any means. he's not. but put him in a social situation and I know what he will do before he does.

I'm a person in general who makes it a point in my life to have zero addictions. He's addicted to caffeine. (we're talking 6 cups at least every morning and headaches if he starts drinking them too late). He's been a smoker til I made him quit. Took him 2 trys. He still to this day has cravings that he complains about. I told him he just has a highly addictive personality and its true. He agreed. But it just drives me nuts! I guess I just have a really rough time relating to people like that.
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