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ugh!!! small vent.  things are going well.  we are signing all our contracts by the end of the week.  hooray! BUT now my fiance is argueing with me about getting a videographer.  I am anti video.  My idea is to purchase 2-3 small videocameras and just have people pass them around and record stuff.  I feel like it will be so much more personal if we do it that way.  designate a bridesmaid and a groomsman to just make sure it gets passed around over the course of the day/evening.  Not to mention, there is no shortage of people with recording devices on their cameras or even phones.  We can have all this sent to us after the wedding and compile it ourselves.  honestly i would rather watch a bunch of funny outtakes than a pieced together video.  thats what a photographer is for.  I can grab the camera and go interview guest.  i just think that would be a lot of fun. 

oh yeah and A LOT cheaper.  and we get to keep the cameras afterwards too.  ...its a win win situation.  Cool
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