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Can I Stick Around?

It's almost official ladies, I am no longer a March bride... probably.    :(  I'm actually really sad about this, not because the vision I've had for my wedding this whole time has gone into the pooper, but because I REALLY liked being a March Bride!

After all of the issues we were having working with the cruiseline we decided to stop working with them altogether and start working on a regular port wedding instead.  We are *thisclose* to booking a February 28th wedding in Grand Cayman! 

I am a little excited about that because it'll be a LEGAL ceremony so we won't have to go to City Hall to legalize our wedding, which will be nice and not as much of a PITA!  We also will get music for the ceremony and possibly be able to have a first dance now which were the two things I was sad we didn't get in Haiti.  And third, my Mom is THRILLED with this plan.  She understood why we wanted to do things the way we were planning but is happy that she'll be able to see our legal ceremony now.

The downside is we have to give up our original date, our invites will be all wrong (and they've already gone out), we have to scrape an extra $700 out of our budget to pay for it, and there's about a 20% chance the ship will skip the port because it's a tendering port.  Aaah... stress!  But if we do miss it we are only out a $75 deposit and I figure if I put on enough waterworks the Captain of the ship may take sympathy on us and agree to marry us either onboard or arrange for someone to do it in Labadee and we get our original wedding anyway!

So... that was basically my Thanksgiving!  Trying to deal with all the crap that suddenly came down upon us yesterday evening.  Blah!  But it still ended up being an OK day and I'm not *too* upset about the outcome.

Janine & Cody | Georgetown, Grand Cayman | Feb. 28th, 2012

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