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Ceremony parking issue

I think I have finally found the perfect place for my wedding ceremony. It is an 11minute drive from the reception site and it is beautiful. (and inexpensive) The only problem is parking.

The only parking is walking distance but paid. I will not allow my guests to pay for parking at my wedding so I would, of course, pay for their parking. Are there any suggestions of how to do this.

I thought we could have a list of names at the gate and pre-pay for them. If there isn't an attendant I don't know how to make sure I have paid for them.

The other option I thought might be possible was to have guests arrive at the reception site where parking is available and I would charter a bus to drive them the 11minutes to the ceremony and then drive them back after the ceremony to start the reception. It's a nice bus and I could have bottles of water and pop for the short drive over. (music too) Then they would arrive at the reception hall and the cocktail hour would begin right away.

Which would you prefer? Any better ideas, or should I just give up on this.
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