March 2012 Weddings

Invitation Anxiety

Since we decided to spend a million dollars (okay, not really) to have a company make and address all of our envelopes, we had to turn in our addresses a few weeks ago. Well since then, the statuses of some have changed. For example, my cousin is no longer engaged. JP's cousin broke up with her boyfriend and has since started dating someone new. The names of these exes are on the invitations!!!

What will I do?! Still send the invites, even though it will also be addressed to their ex? In the case of JP's cousin, as long as she continues dating this new guy, he's of course invited to the wedding. However, her ex boyfriend's name is on the invite! I don't know what to do about either of these issues. With my luck, I'm sure more will arise within the next few weeks before we send out the invitations. Which got me to thinking, what if someone moves?

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