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Am I the worst bride ever??

This afternoon I had lunch with my MOH and one of my bridesmaids and they were going on about how I don't talk about the wedding enough and how I don't let them help with anything. 

Honestly, I just haven't had much for them to do!! I pretty much know what i want and I've booked it or purchased it and am done with it. I will have some DIY stuff closer to the wedding but not much yet.

Also, a couple of days ago my mom made a comment about her friend who asked if she was all caught up in my wedding planning and mom said "no, not really, there hasn't been a lot to do." but she sounded kind of dissapointed when she said it. 

Am I the worst bride ever?? I've always been someone who wants to do things myself rather than bother others with them so I haven't even thought about it. I've talked to them about colors, dresses, etc. etc. but I feel like I'm a total failure!!

So random but it has really been bothering me.
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