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Need Help: Wedding Venues in Pittsburgh

We had planned to get married in Norfolk, VA (where I grew up), but the wedding venue canceled on us a week or two ago (they couldn't get the permits they needed and had to cancel all weddings).  We went and visited Norfolk over the weekend (we live in DC), but we didn't find a place we were happy with - all were either too expensive, boring, or ugly.  My fiance is from Pittsburgh, so we thought we'd check out places there.  The problem is I know absolutely nothing about Pittsburgh (and he's a dude, so completely un-knowledgeable!).

Could someone please, please help with suggestions on places to have both the ceremony and reception (held at one venue) for around 125 people?  Would like the venue to provide it's own tables, chairs, etc., so I don't have to rent those seperately.  Also, ideally the venue would offer catering, so as not to requre a seperate caterer, but that's definitely not a deal-breaker.  It should be near a hotel, so our guests don't have to drive after the reception.  I'm not a fan of hotel ballrooms that look like big rectangles of boringness, though. Would prefer a place with some character - even places that are considered to be "non-traditional" wedding venue options.  Probably needs to be indoor, but if it's an outdoor option, would need to offer indoor back-up plan.  Am looking to keep venue/catering/bar under $10K.

I know this is a lot of "requirements," but when you've looked at as many places as I have (and had found your PERFECT place to get married), you start to know what you do and don't like!  If your ideas are outside of these "requirements," I'd still love to hear them!  Thank you SO MUCH in advance!

Re: Need Help: Wedding Venues in Pittsburgh

  • pantherRNpantherRN member
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    Hi there! I'm sorry your venue canceled on you :(

    Anyway, check out the Welcome! post at the top of the board. It has a link to our list of recommended vendors. Off the top of my head, I came up with the Twentieth Century Club, any of the museums, the Zoo, the Aviary, Heinz Field, PNC Park, the LeMont, Heinz History Center, and Pittsburgh Golf Club. I don't know the cost, but I pretty sure most of them fit your requirements.

    If you look at the list and have specific questions about venues, feel free to ask again!

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    Everyone is welcome.
  • spencedmspencedm member
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    Thank you so much for your suggestions and for pointing me to the Welcome post! When I saw "vendors" I thought photographers, florists, etc., but (duh) should have realized that was the place to go for answers to my question.  Sorry for cluttering the board!
  • MrsDydekMrsDydek member
    edited December 2011
    Not sure if this place is on the recommended vendors list but if you are willing to have a Friday wedding I would suggest the Willow Room. I would necessarily call the room unique but it is absolutely gorgeous. What makes the room is the chandeliers and I must say pictures do not do those beauties justice! Now I only say that you should consider a Friday wedding because instead of having  a min guest count they have a min dollar amount. So for a Friday wedding they typically ask you spend $8,000 dollars and for a Saturday wedding it is $10,000. This amount, however, does not include taxes or gratuity.

    The place does have everything else your looking for though. They provide tables, chairs (which are white, gold & beautiful so I don't think you will need chair covers), floor length white linens, white overlays, and a dance floor; and they do ceremonies.
    Plus for 125 people, spending 8K there will give you one incredible wedding. Their food is actually rather inexpensive, and so are there enhancements. So even though it is a lot of money it is a pretty good value. 
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    I'm certainly biased, but it seems that the Twentieth Century Club would be a perfect fit for you:) It has tons of character (early 20th century private women's club), can be used for both ceremony and reception, is within walking distance to several hotels, and can certainly be kept under $10K for the number of guests you are having. Let me know if you have any questions about it!  There are a few others who have had/are having here on this board also.  GL!

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    Oh, and I forgot to mention that everything is provided in house - catering, linens, tables/chairs, etc.
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  • AP910AP910 member
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    Ditto PP. ;) I feel like I'm always recommending my venue, Twentieth Century Club, but I can't help but think it might be just what you are looking for... it definitely has character and is out of the ordinary, IMO. We used the Wyndham for our guests, which i think is about 0.6 miles away. We just had them use the shuttle. They had to share with other hotel guests until 11, when we booked it exclusively for us for like $60. Joanna Fassinger has a few weddings from TCC on her blog, including ours :) and hopefully another one pretty soon!!! 
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    I dont know how elaborate or if your looking into specific location.

    We are having a friday wedding. Our reception will be at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Coraopolis (its near Pit Airport)

    Our site includes tables, chairs, dancefloor, linens, catering, cake, natural floral centerpieces.

    They also do ceremonies.

    Its going to cost us about 6600 for 130 people
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    I'd recommend the Aviary or the Children's Museum or New Hazlett Theatre. All are on the lower end of rental fees compared to similar venues and at least the Aviary and Children's Museum provide chairs and tables. Linens, place settings, et cetera are extra. We went with the Aviary because it was more our style and because we could use Bistro to Go as our caterer (a local Northside restaurant we like) that was also cheaper than the other caterer options at the Aviary or Children's Museum. The aviary and children's museum let you bring in your own alcohol. The New Hazlett takes a cut of alcohol costs and you have to buy it from them. The Children's Museum also has a $5 per person charge for soda, ice, et cetera.

    I found the Carnegie Museums, the Warhol, Heinz History, et cetera to be really cool but more expensive. Their rental fees were nearly twice as much and then on top of that they only offered more expensive catering options (like in the $100pp range). We'll end up spending approximately $6800 for venue and catering, plus whatever our alcohol costs end up at - we're bringing our own so that should help - and our guest list is around 150 people.

    Good luck!
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  • MRadsMRads member
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    Its not my venue, but I'm going to ditto pp and say that the twentieth century club popped into my head immediately.  It has absolutely everything you're looking for

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  • khussar1khussar1 member
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    Hi there!

    Sorry to hear about your venue.  I've looked into many places and wanted the same things as you.  Especially the "no four walls"!!  The South Pointe Golf Club is where we decided.  Surprisingly not overpriced and in your range...especially if you do it on a Friday or Sunday.  Their ballroom is all windows and looks onto a golf course.  They also have an outdoor balcony where high tables can be placed and another cozy bar area.  What I also really liked about this place is that they have different bar packages and charge a flat fee, not by the bottle or glass.  There are also two hotels right near there.  You do not need to be a member or have a sponsor.  I definitely think worth a look for you. 

    Good luck!
  • spencedmspencedm member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks so much to everyone!  I have contacted a few of these places, so we'll see what happens!  I am so appreciative to all of you for your help!!
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