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Invitation NIGHTMARE! (Vent long)

So I looked around at all different kinds of invitations. I really didnt find any that I liked.  I finally found some that I fell in love with then saw the price.  I really like this one 

But it cost 15 a piece.. Really? I dont think so! I am NOT paying that.

So I found the shinny paper and I decided to design my own.  When I did a practice run the design wasn't fitting just right.  So I sent it to my FMIL who is really good friends with a graphic designer. He made up a TOTALLY different design. I liked it so I said okay lets do this one. But on his invitation our names were red and not pink. So I asked if he could change it to a Pink. He has tried multiple times and cant get the pink I want!!! Every time it looks like red. 

Then he also said he couldn't use my paper. He needs to print it on a 12x12 and cut it down because of the machine he has. Well they cant order MY paper in the 12X12.. He showed me different paper and there was one shinny like mine but it was like a ivory color. I want this pearly white color.   My FMIL was like Ill pay for it. I told her dont worry about it. I just want MY paper cause its what I wanted. I dont want to have to settle for something I dont like.  I am glad she is trying to help and I dont want to sound like a brat, but I got this paper because its what I want.  But if I don't use this paper I have to get new envelopes and everything.  Ive already spent so much on paper and if i return it there is a 15% restocking fee. which isnt a lot I just don't want to settle!

My colors for the wedding are White, Hot Pink, and Black. NOT Ivory, Red, and Black..

So I am going to see if he can change the pink (again) and me try and print it off.  I've printed off the other one and it looks good. Idk why he cant do it.. I'm just worried about me cutting them down.  I know I would have a cutting machine but i don't want to mess up.  I guess that is the only thing I can do if I want this paper. We have a really good printer so I'm not worried about printing them myself.. Sorry just had to get it out. Thanks for listening to me ladies..
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Re: Invitation NIGHTMARE! (Vent long)

  • I wasnt going to do the big ribbon.  I have a pocket fold that it is going to go in.  I know the postage is going to be a little higher.  The invitations are going to be a 5x7.
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  • How frustraiting!! I think the one thing I have learned is the less people you have involved in stuff the better it works out. The more people involved its like playing chinese telephone...your vision gets lost! Good luck dear!
  • Uggh, that does sound frustrating. Sorry you're having to deal with all of that. Hopefully it will all work out just like your envisioning. Keep in mind though, a square cut often adds more to postage and so does the big ribbon.
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  • OMG hope it all turns out ok!
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  • Kh thank you. w+c I was kinda upset when no one wanted to help me. Now I know how lucky I am. Lol
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