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For those who have had their bridal shower...

What games did you play and which games were good........

Re: For those who have had their bridal shower...

  • The quiz about me was fun!

    What's in your purse was alright too. Hmmm... I don't remember any other ones. (It was in August). I think we played a "guess the number of___ in this jar".
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    [QUOTE]What games did you play and which games were good........
    Posted by mary1217[/QUOTE]

    <div>I'm not having a shower this time around, but last time the host called the X and asked him questions about hiimself that I had to answer.  I thought that was really fun!  Then I had a joint shower with a co-worker and we had to put a piece of paper on the top of our head and draw a picture of our FI with a pen.  It was hilarious!  My co-worker was trying to draw her FI's chest hair and accidentally put the hairs down by his crotch.  We laughed about that one for months!</div>

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  • I haven't had mine yet but I have hosted enough of them to know some games.

    I like the one where everyone gets a clothes pen, and they can't say specific words. Such as, bride, wedding, bridesmaid, groom, groomsmen, or anything wedding related to a point. You can decide what words are ruled out. And when someone says one of those words, whoever catches it get the clothes pen, the one with the most at the end of the shower wins.

    One I HATE is the toilet paper wedding dress one.
  • We played a game where FI had preanswered questions about me and I had to match his answers in front of everyone. It turned out awful lol. I got like 1 out of 20....we started dating almost 6 years think my Fi really remembers the first food I made him or the first song we danced to? HELL NO! So he made them up. You can guess how well I matched him!

    And they did one where everyone wrote down wedding advice and they read the best or funniest ones out loud
  • I am not having a shower but i have been to several and actually just hosted one (even though i hate them....)

    Anyways, I second the TP game is ridiculously stupid!   Bridal Bingo is a good one to keep guests occupied while the bride is opening gifts.  How well do you know the bride and groom where guests answer questions about the couple together and them as individuals that was a good one.  One that we did was that we asked the Bride to answer questions the same as her FI and for each one she got wrong she had to put a stick of gum in her mouth and then she had to keep trying to answer the questions it was actually pretty funny.
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  • I haven't had mine yet, but I seriously love shower games. My MOH ironically hates them, but I know she's putting on a happy face and doing them for me. It doesn't matter if it's my shower or someone else's, I just love games. Even board games, I think I'm just a game type person (not video games!). I think it's the teacher in me. lol
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  • We did bridal bingo. And gave everyone a blank bingo sheet and they filled in what they thought we would get for gifts before we opened our gifts. Was a good hit. And we also did the game where we gave everyone 5 questions on a little piece of paper. all the same questions. And whoever got the most right won a prize
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  • No games at my first shower because I was in town visiting, and we had so much catching up to do!
    I'm interested to see if my SIL is planning games, all i know is where and when. Knowing her mother who is co-hosting, it will be prim proper and full of games!

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