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  • margarita!! extra shots!
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  • Very Situational!!!
    At home - wine (i love red but hate purple teeth, so try to keep it at home! lol)
    Out - vodka and cranberry
    Playing Poker - Bailey's and coffee

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  • I second the wine. I loove red wine, but I usually only drink it at home. Sometimes I'll have a glass when we're out to dinner.

    If I'm going out with friends, Jack and Diet. I sometimes switch it up and do Cherry or Grape Three Olives (vodka) and soda.
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  • 1 - Wine (red lately)
    2 - Captain and Coke
    3 - Raspberry Stoli and Sprite

    1 when it's cold outside, 2 when I'm just sipping something, 3 when it's warm.
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  • Well I drink wine at home. I like some red wines. But I found a white wine I just LOVE! Its that moscato barefoot. anyone else tried it?
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  • I love a french 75, or any other cocktail that has sparkling wine it it.  I also enjoy a lot of chardonnay and red wine.
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  • Vodka Cranberry...yum
    Frozen Strawberry Margarita..yum
    Sex on the beach...definite yum
    Those are my three favorites...I try and stick to vodka though if I am doing hard alcohol, so the tequila is a treat when I go out to a mexican restaurant!
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  • I love wine, usually white wines or blushes.

    my favorite mixed drinks is amaretto sour. I haven't had one is so long, I think its time to have one again.
  • Well my ulitmate favorite is something called Triple Scicle Twist. It is a speciality of a brewhouse I worked at not too long ago. It is like 85% alcohol and it is deliciously deadly. I had two at dinner one time with FI and he was laughing at me because I was drunk. they have champagne, little sprite and some flavored vodka I think. Then they stick a popsicle in it that melts. TO DIE FOR!

    But If I'm anywhere else I stick to Malibu and Coke.
  • LOVE blended strawberry margaritas!  There is also a drink we threw together in college...Vodka, drop of sprite, shurbert & raspberry smirnoff ice....delicious!
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  • Amaretto sours or a great glass of wine. 
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  • Vodka cranberry or if I'm somewhere they have them, strawberry daquiris!!
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  • Long Island Iced Tea :)

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  • Mich Ultra. I use to drink liquor a lot. like, scary amounts. I've switched to beer, and really its only while out or at a football game. I rarely drink any more and thats because Im old! ha.

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  • Malibu Bay Breeze
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  • diet captain or coors :)
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  • Long island. Without a doubt.
  • Pretty much any glass of wine makes me a happy girl and I love a good margarita with Mexican food!
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  • vodka and soda water with a splash of cranberry juice and a lime.

    Or rum and diet coke.
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  • hypnotiq and sprite! SO SO SO GOOD!!!
    Long Island when I'm on a budget... 
    and just a regular smrinoff ice when every one is drinking beer unless woodchuck is available... 

    right now... nothing... although I have a new love of gingerale... hahahaha 
  • I may be the only one on here who doesn't drink alcohol.  I've never cared for the taste. 
  • Wine at home or at dinner out... red or white, just depends on my mood
    Beer for watching football... and no light beer!  
    Bacardi and diet if I'm out and want a cocktail
  • When it is hot outside...(I live in TX so this is often):
    1 lime, 1oz sprite, 1 oz grapefruit soda, 2 oz tequila, ice & salted rim. <----My shiiit

    Patron & sprite at a club

    Tequila-tinis when its cold out

    I sometimes drink wine when I'm watching a movie at home or with dinner. Moscato (barefoot), I've had, but I prefer Menage Trois or Little Black Dress...or Cupcake :)
  • I have a few usuals...
    - Bacardi & Diet Coke (usually only if we are out at a bar)
    - Wine (but I only like the sweet stuff)
    - Hard Cider
    - Margaritas (at mexican restaurants)
  • It's called a Sex on a Pool Table
    -Blue Curacao
    -OJ and Pineapple juice

    It's green and it's gonna be our siggy cocktail!
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  • Definitely craft beers and margaritas!

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