March 2012 Weddings

Check, check, and checkity check! :)

Well I had nightmares about trying on my after hours party dress today since I hadn't even seen it in person let alone tried it on... but I LOVE IT!!!  :)   And i had to have the strap shortened and they were able to do it the same day so i could take it home with me :)

I also found shoes.  Not what I had planned on getting but they are comfy and they look pretty nice, if your nosy click.  And no I didn't pay that much for them i got them for only 40$. and they were super comfy so i thought it was a steal!  Oh and they will dye them for free :)  Now to figure out a color - pink or silver?? Any suggestions?

AND i brought my other ceremony/reception dress in to get alterations done today... but MY GOD was i surprised at how much it is going to cost me to have the dress shortened by three inches... HOLY COWS! 

So moral of today .... even though I didn't go black friday shopping today ... my pocket book sure does feel a little sad tonight :(
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