March 2012 Weddings

Kinda new to the board, picked up my dress today!!!

Hey everyone,
I have been lurking for a while here and love to hear all about everyone's wedding plans and amazing ideas. I think this might be my first post though! My wedding is March 31, 2012 and I just picked up my dress today. I ordered it in June and felt like I had been waiting forever. I was a bit anxious as to whether or not I would still love it as much as I did when I ordered it. I still LOVE it but was a bit disappointed because it is way too big on me. Of course they will do alterations and it will be fine but it did not look perfect today as I hoped it would. I lost about 20 lbs since I ordered it, which I am very excited about, don't get me wrong. I hope to lose a little bit more weight and they assured me that would be fine and I can work on this up until 6 weeks before the wedding and then no more weight loss! My mom took the dress to her house and I didn't want to part with it, I wish I could wear it around the house, lol!
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