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Do any of you feel like your productivity has nose dived lately!?! I know that it is most likely because Christmas is right around the corner but I swear I read all of your gals chccks posts and think CRAP! I totally didnt even know about a "card box" until someone was talking about theirs...oh yes all the DIY stuff is falling by the wayside!! Tell me I am not alone haha...I guess I think of all the "big" things and am like ohhhh sure I have it all going smoothly. Uhhh...yeah my invitations arent made yet! BAH! 

Ok I have taken a breath and getting my mind on track...I think I need to look at my to do list...if only the knot wasn't being so nutty!!

Hope you girls are having a great Monday!
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Re: Productivity?

  • You can totally pull yourself together! Don't worry! The holidays are busy. I would say i'm in the same place but my Chirstmas break has just started so I will (hopefully) be kicking it into high gear to work on things! :)

    Get working on those invites girl! You can do this!
  • Yeah. I predict that I won't get anything done until January. :/
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    [QUOTE]Yeah. I predict that I won't get anything done until January. :/
    Posted by kamarks08[/QUOTE]

    <div>same here...made a plan with my mom, MOH and FMIL to hit the ground running in jan!!!!! dont stress! i think we all get the fun stiff doen then the knitty gritty details we procrastinate on</div>
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  • I am the exact same way! Things have been so hectic with the holidays and work that I haven't hardly had any time to think about it. I have the week off between Christmas and New Year's so I'm really going to try to knock several things out the. I guess we'll see! You are definitely not alone, though. I have a list about a mile long.
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  • Yes! Which sucks because I wanted to have all of my invitations done by Christmas, and I've only got 5 done right now!!! :(
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  • I am sure that I won't get much done until after the holidays. Though it is driving my nuts that my FI hasn't lifted a finger on the RD, that he is supposed to take care of since hie family is paying for it.
  • I was hoping to be super productive over my 2 weeks off from school, but I'm leary...
  • Okay I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels like this! It stresses me out when I think about it, so I try to focus on other things. lol But I'm sure once December is over, I'll get the rest of everything finished. I have the big checks taken care of, or that's what I tell myself at least! The big thing I'm working on right now is finishing my brooch bouquet. But soon I need to start addressing those invites!
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  • I feel like I've gotten things done in spurts. I get a lot done, then not much happens for a few weeks, then I get a lot done, and so forth. Lots of things arrived today, so I'll be picking up quite a bit this weekend and next. I started working on the programs this week and I created the I SPY game (thanks to the knottie that shared this!). I plan to do A LOT by the end of December though since I have a two week break from teaching.
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